Image: Myrtle Leaf Milkwort - Polygala myrtifolia

Approximately 197 weed species known to occur within the City of Kalamunda. To view the top ten weeds, regional weeds, weeds of national significance and what to plant instead click here.

Some bushland weeds have escaped from gardens and due to their hardiness and fast growth they are quick to establish and out-compete our endemic plants. To find out more about these plants and what alternative you can plant click here.

The annual plants for residents species list also provides other suitable species for planting. View the Plants for Residents section to find out more on suitable species to use.

The City controls weeds and carries out revegetation to eradicate invasive species as detailed in the following sections.

Weed Control

Prior to undertaking weed control, it is important to properly identify the species. Some good references to assist in identification of weeds are found here. It is a good idea to establish a field herbarium (i.e. a collection of pressed plants) of weed species as an ongoing reference.  

The following advice is recommended to encourage the success of your planting event:

  • Ensure adequate weed control has been undertaken
  • Plant in moist, not wet, soil conditions
  • Grow plants using hygienic methods.
  • If using mulch, make sure it is well composted and weed free.
  • Use mains or sterilised water to water plants.
  • Consider direct seeding instead of planting tube stock.

Refer to brochure for more information on planting

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