Waterways are natural areas important for biodiversity conservation as they can provide important breeding and feeding sites for fauna and maintain life cycles for specialised plant groups. Waterways include rivers and their tributaries including streams, creeks and brooks. Any waterway in the Shire of Kalamunda is likely to be owned and managed by a number of different landowners and organisations.

Healthy waterways have a stable bank bordered by native vegetation of various layers which provide habitat, assist with the filtering of excess nutrients and slows down water flow preventing bank erosion. The layers of plants tolerable to water logging and moist soils provide food, breeding habitats, shelter and protection from predators for frogs, native fish and waterbirds.

Many waterways and wetlands are degraded as a result of activities such as land clearing, urban and industrial landuse, altered flow regimes such as damming, recreation and tourism and can result in poor water quality, sedimentation, erosion, decline fringing vegetation condition and habitat for fauna.

Creeklines are a focal point for conservation work in the Shire of Kalamunda with many community groups and individuals are involved in their restoration and enhancement by removing invasive weeds and replanting native in stream and fringing vegetation.

To find out more about the value of fringing vegetation, plant species and fungi view Una Bells’ book “The Value of Fringing Vegetation

Permission is required before any works can be undertaken in or on the banks of a watercourse within the Shire. It is illegal to disturb watercourses without a permit, contact the Shire if any creekline disturbance or major works near a creek line are to be undertaken. The Shire may consult the Department of Water regarding your works.

Waterways in the Shire include;



Crumpet Creek

Kalamunda and Forrestfield

Helena River

Piesse Brook, Gooseberry Hill, Darlington, Helena Valley, Bellevue and Midland 

Kadina Brook

Gooseberry Hill and Maida Vale 

Lower Lesmurdie Falls


Nestle Brae Creek

Gooseberry Hill 

Piesse Brook

Piesse Brook

Poison Gully

Maida Vale

Quenda Creek

Gooseberry Hill

Toorrnart Creek

Gooseberry Hill 

Woodlupine Brook

Forrestfield and Wattle Grove 

Yule Brook

Wattle Grove

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