Threatened Ecological Communities

Threatened Ecological Communities

What are ecological communities and threatened ecological communities?

An ecological community is defined as a group of interacting species living together, factors such as soil type, position in the landscape, competition, disturbance, climate and water availability can affect this diversity.

Threatened Ecological Communities (TECs) are ecological communities that have been assessed by the Federal and State Government and assigned a threat status. The Shire has ecologically communities listed under both the federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999 and state Wildlife Conservation Act 1950.

Three categories exist for listing threatened ecological communities under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act); critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable.

Threatened ecological communities in the Shire of Kalamunda

Ecological communities are entered into the Department of Environment and Conservation’s TEC database and endorsed by the Environment Minister as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable. The remainder are allocated to one of five priority categories. Ecological communities with insufficient information available to be listed as a TEC, are placed on a priority ecological communities (PECs) list.

Threatened Community Category Category Listing
Banksia attenuata woodland over species-rich dense shrublands Endangered
Shrublands and woodlands of the eastern side of the Swan  Critically Endangered
Eucalyptus calophylla - Kingia australis woodlands on heavy soils of the Swan Coastal Plain Critically Endangered
Eucalyptus calophylla – Xanthorrhoea preissi shrublands and woodlands Swan Coastal Plain Critically Endangered
Southern Wet Shrublands, Swan Coastal Plain  Endangered
Banksia attenuata woodland and/or Eucalyptus marginata woodlands of the eastern side of the Swan Coastal Plain  Endangered

Priority Ecological Community

Central Northern Darling Scarp Granite Shrubland Communities  Priority 4

Correct as April 2012

Further information

For more information on threatened ecological communities, threatened flora and fauna see

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