Dieback Management


Phytophthora dieback is a devastating plant disease of native plants and is caused by the water mould, Phytophthora (pronounced Fy-to-fora - meaning plant destroyer in Greek) cinnamomi which causes an infection leading to death in the plant. Symptoms are wilting, yellowing and retention of dried foliage and darkening of root colour.

For more information: http://www.dieback.org.au/go/what-is-dieback/what-is-phytophthora-dieback

Two methods used for active dieback control within City reserves includes spraying phosphite over understorey plants and injecting phosphite into dieback susceptible trees. Friends Groups and private landholders can loan equipment from the City. The City can also provide information and demonstration of treatment methods as requested. Free community workshops are regularly held through the Bush Skills for the Hills series.

Phosphite Stem-injection Video – 4:47min

The City of Kalamunda and the Dieback Working Group are proud to present a short informative video outlining the steps involved in applying Phosphite to tree’s at risk from Phytophthora Dieback. Produced by local media company Paperslate and featuring Glenn Tuffnell from Dieback Treatment Services, this video is an excellent resource for bushcare volunteers and students to learn how to undertake Phosphite Stem-injection.

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