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Government Agencies and Departments

Department of Parks and Wildlife which will deal with Fire and wildlife issues, national parks. Department of Environmental Regulation which will deal with regulation issues, contaminated sites etc

Department of Parks and Wildlife: 
Department of Environmental Regulation: 
Department of Water:
Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia:
Sustainable Energy Development Office:

National Resource Management Organisations

Perth Region NRM:
WALGA Eco-News:

The Swan River Trust was absorbed into the DPaW as the Rivers and estuaries Division - From 1 July 2015, the role and functions of the Swan River Trust were merged with the Department of Parks and Wildlife. Parks and Wildlife has created a new Rivers and Estuaries Division which, working with other divisions and government agencies, will ensure a focus on the highest priorities in river science, protection, conservation and management.

Environmental Groups

WWF – Australia:
Conservation Volunteers Australia:
Conservation Council:
Great Gardens (part of The Forever Project):
Sustainable Gardening Australia

Local and Global Environmental and Sustainable Initiatives

Nature Reserves Preservation Group:
Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre:
Kalamunda Farmers Market:
Days of Change:
Ward Off Climate Change:

Other resources relating to Climate Change & Low-Carbon Lifestyle

ABC News – A Journey Through Climate History
An interactive webpage that illustrates key events in the planet Earth’s climate, from the present back to 4.5 billion years ago, plus a selection of future scenarios.

ABC News – Climate Change Special Coverage
This site includes various reports about climate change and carbon pricing.

What’s Your Carbon Price?
This webpage allows you to quickly work out what you will pay/receive under Federal Government carbon pricing legislation. The site also explains how the carbon pricing mechanism works.

Visit the Alternative Technologies Association

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