Property Planning

Property Planning

Developing a property plan is a worthwhile process and helps landholders identify and prioritise actions whilst considering environment values.

The steps to developing a property plan are:

  • Assessment of site conditions such as soil and vegetation types and condition, issues such as weeds, pest animals, topography and the presence of significant flora or fauna;
  • Define your management objectives based on the property’s values, for example biodiversity conservation, natural amenity, keeping stock, vegetable growing and keeping chickens;
  • Develop an action plan for each objective while considering the issues or threats and resources needed. Then determine a schedule for undertaking each action;
  • Monitoring provides a record of outcomes and management results over the short and long term. Methods of monitoring include; images, weed mapping and keeping a log of actions and environmental events such as rainfall, droughts and flowering periods; and
  • Adaptive Management allows for the modification of plans and actions as circumstances change, such as finance, weather patterns, and activity outcomes.

To get started locate an aerial image of your property, see Google Earth  or contact the Shire.

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