The Shire of Kalamunda recognises the value that committed volunteers make to the conservation and maintenance of the natural environment. 

There is a variety of active local environmental community groups that are supported by the Shire.  They range from Friends Groups who assist the Shire in the maintenance of Shire managed reserves, to larger Catchment Groups, that operate over particular landscape areas and across tenure.

Friends Group

A Friends Group usually consists of a few people working together informally to conserve and protect a reserve under the care, control and management of the Shire. Friends Groups work in their own time at their own pace and are eligible for assistance from the Shire. Group members choose activities most suited to the needs of the reserve based on their abilities and the time that is available. It is usually best form members to start at a basic level with a simple common work plan and upgrade as the needed. 

The Shire’s Environmental team can provide advice on where to start and how to go about undertaking bushcare activities. Over 47 individual Friends Groups are registered to undertake bushcare activities on Shire managed reserves. Most groups like to work in a parcel of bushland close to where they live. To view reserves managed by friends groups click here

If you are interested in the care of bushland reserves and wish to join a Friends Group, please contact the Shire's Environment Reserves Officer on 9257 9999.

The benefits of joining a Friends Group include:

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Act-Belong-Commit & Adopt-a-Spot

Act-Belong-Commit is a comprehensive health promotion campaign that encourages individuals to take action to protect and promote their own mental wellbeing. One way to do this is to commit to volunteering and carry out mentally healthy activities.
More information on Act-Belong-Commit and Adopt-a-Spot programs

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