Environment Grants

If you are interested in applying for a grant for environmental work on a City reserve, contact the Environmental team to discuss your project.

Many Friends groups and other small community groups seek additional funding through community grants.  The list below is not a comprehensive grants guide as grant opportunities are dynamic and often reflect changes in government and subsequent policy.  Grants will require endorsement from the City of Kalamunda for any projects on City managed land.  The City may also be able to manage grant funds for Friends Group, if the group is not incorporated. The City could potential be a project partner and provide some in kind support to your project, or assist you in preparing a successful application.

Some funding opportunities are listed below

Swan River Trust and Alcoa Landcare Program (SALP) grants

SALP is the Swan River Trust & Alcoa Landcare Program.  This grant funds small NRM projects < $50,000.  This grant is ideal for Friends Groups and may be in partnership with the City of Kalamunda needing help with on ground works.  This grant can fund the purchase of seedlings and contractors to assist with weed control.  Applications generally open late February with SALP recipients completing and returning the SALP reporting template prior to the end of March the following year.

Guidelines and applications for community groups to apply for SALP grants can be downloaded from the Perth Region NRM website (http://www.perthregionnrm.com/). For more information please contact:

Melinda McAndrew
SALP Manager
(08) 9374 3333
E melinda.mcandrew@perthregionnrm.com


The State Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program is a Western Australian Government initiative providing funding to protect WA's environment and natural resources.

Community groups can apply for grants between $10 000 and $50 000 for activities that help conserve, restore, rehabilitate or enhance a local natural area or conserve biodiversity.

Grants are available for on-ground works, as well as planning, training, and resource assessment activities.

Schools, industry groups, not-for-profit organisations, local governments and environment action groups in regional and metropolitan areas of Western Australia can apply.

Visit the State NRM Office website for more information.

Lotterywest Natural Heritage Grants

Lotterywest, through their Natural Heritage Grants, fund community projects that conserve natural habitats and maintain the diversity of animal and plant species, examples include:

  • Planting local species of trees and vegetation
  • Linking areas of vegetation with bush corridors (40 or more meters wide)
  • Fencing remnant vegetation and wetlands
  • Controlling weeds, animals, disease and fire
  • Preparing newsletters, pamphlets or training to educate people about conservation
  • Providing the equipment needed for a conservation project

Information available at http://www.lotterywest.wa.gov.au/grants

Other Grants Information

For more information regarding grants and related resources please view the following websites:

Government of WA - Dept of Local Government Grant Directory
Grants Directory - http://grantsdirectory.dlg.wa.gov.au/

Australian Government Dept. of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government Grants
Website: www.grantslink.gov.au

Some organisations and consultancies produce comprehensive Grants Guides for purchase:

  • Yarramine Environmental, National Environmental Grants Guide: www.yarramine.com.au
  • Easy Grants Newsletter and Database: www.ourcommunity.com.au (search: Easy grants)
  • Dept of Commerce - Associations and Charities Branch: www.commerce.wa.gov.au (search: Associations)

Other Useful Resources and Contacts for Specific Grants:


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