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Committed volunteers are able to provide to the conservation and maintenance of natural environment

Some of Friends Groups operating may not yet be listed below. The information for these groups are being collated and will be uploaded when finalised.
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Friends of Alan Anderson Reserve

Friends of Anderson Road Reserve

Medium size, contains a diverse array of plants & animals located in Forrestfield.

Forrestfield Scout Reserve

Friends of Forrestfield Scout Reserve

A small reserve located on Morrison Rd, Forrestfield, within the Hartfield Park Recreation Precinct.

Friends of Hugh Sanderson Reserve

Friends of Hugh Sanderson Reserve

A small reserve in Lesmurdie, nestled amongst the urban environment.

Friends Group - Jorgensen Park

Friends of Jorgensen Park

Multi-use Park located on Crescent Road, Kalamunda

Friends of Juniper Way Reserve

Friends of Juniper Way Reserve

Reserve on the corner of Juniper Way & Dawson Ave, Forrestfield

Friends of Kadina Brook

Friends of Kadina Brook

A long riparian reserve located between Ridge Hill Rd and John Farrant Dv, Gooseberry Hill.

Friends of Kershaw Reserve

Friends of Kershaw Reserve

Small bushland reserve located on the corner of Kershaw Av & Pindara Pl, Lesmurdie.

Markham Reserve

Friends of Markham Rd Reserve

A small urban bushland reserve surrounding the High Wycombe Library.

Ollie Worrell Reserve

Friends of Ollie Worrell Reserve

A medium sized mixed use recreation reserve located on the corner of Abernethy Rd and Worrell Ave, High Wycombe

Friends of Petunia St

Friends of Petunia St Reserve

A small reserve located near the end of Petunia St, Kalamunda.

Friends of Piesse Brook

Friends of Piesse Brook

Flows through State Forest, private property and Kalamunda National Park before joining Helena River.

Friends of Ray Owen Reserve

Friends of Ray Owen Reserve

A large, mixed-use Shire reserve located on the corner of Gladys Rd and Willoughby Rd, Lesmurdie

Spring Road Bushland

Friends of Spring Road Reserve (North)

Small but significant bushland reserve located in Kalamunda

Toornart Creek Reserve

Friends of Toornart Creek

Medium sized reserve located across 4 separate locations between the Beelu National Park & Tregenna Pl in Gooseberry Hill.

Vernallen Way

Friends of Vernallen Way Reserve

A small block of remnant forest located in Lesmurdie

Friends of Willoughby Park

Friends of Willoughby Park

Small patch of bushland located in Lesmurdie.

Friend Group of Woodlupline Brook

Friends of Woodlupine Brook

A long thin stretch of riparian reserve Forrestfield

Friends Group - Woodlupine Living Stream

Friends of Woodlupine Living Stream

Medium sized riparian reserve located in Wattle Grove, along Kalari Drive.