Grants and Awards

Kala Sports 2015

City Grants

Sport Recreation Development

Up to $1000

  • Funding Round 1 (1 February – 31 March) Funding Round 2 (1 October – 30 November)
  • To extend and support the level of participation in sports and recreation activities within the community
  • To increase the number and variety of recreation opportunities within the community
  • To support volunteers within sporting groups

Sport & Recreation Development Funding(PDF, 142Kb)

Community Groups Development

Up to $1000

  • Funding round 1 (1 February – 31 March) Funding Round 2 (1 October – 30 November)
  • All community groups wishing to undertake a project are encouraged to apply. Think about initiatives which bring positive and lasting benefits to our community, and which may bring together people of different ages, interests and backgrounds. Be creative!

Community Development Funding (PDF, 143Kb)

Student Citizenship Awards

Up to $50 voucher per student

  • Nominations from August through September
  • To recognise young people who have made an outstanding contribution within the community
  • To recognise students who have demonstrated strong leadership skills within the community

Student Citizenship Awards (PDF, 116Kb)

Kala Star Awards

Junior Under 18 $250 Senior 18-25 $150

  • Funding Round 1 (close 31 October) Funding Round 2 (Close 31 March)
  • To recognise the achievement of local athletes who have represented their state or country in their chosen sport
  • To support local athletes and their families financially in their elite sports pursuits

Kala Sports Stars (PDF, 140Kb)

WA Youth Awards

The WA Youth Awards were established in 1999 to recognise young Western Australians aged 12 to 25 years for their achievements and contributions to the community. The Awards also reward outstanding youth groups and organisations that serve and support the state’s young people.

Each year for 18 years, the WA Youth Awards have provided a platform to recognise our most amazing, inspirational and dedicated young people. These are young people committed to their community, helping others and thinking outside of the box.
Find out more about these awards here

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