Youth Volunteers needed for Techno Savvy Seniors

Tech Savvy Youth Volunteers Needed

Are you a tech whizz? Can you navigate a smart phone like it's a second limb? Then we need your help!

During the July School Holidays young people aged 14 - 25 to volunteered as tech mentors, helping local seniors to become Techno Savvy. They helped seniors to learn basic tasks on their smartphone, tablet or laptop – even show them a few handy websites and apps.

In exchange for their skills they received a certificate and the chance to make a new mate! 

Volunteers need to attended these two activities:
Volunteer Briefing Session on Tuesday 26 June, 4pm – 5pm @ Kalamunda Library
This one hour session provided an overview of what to expect on the day of the Techno Savvy Seniors workshop.
Techno Savvy Seniors Workshop on Tuesday 3 July, 10:30am – 12:30pm @ Woodlupine Community Centre, Forrestfield
The actual ‘Techno Savvy Seniors’ workshop was held at Woodlupine Community Centre during the July School Holidays. The volunteers paired up with a senior and worked with them to learn basic tech skills on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Volunteers worked off the list of simple tasks that was given to them at the ‘Briefing Session’ to help determine what the senior already knew and what they would like to know.


Techno Savvy Seniors! Yesterday ten young people volunteered their time during the July School Holidays to mentor another ten seniors, helping them to become Techno Savvy 😊📱 In pairs, the group discussed everything tech-related including texting, selfies and how to connect to Wifi. A great morning was had by all 👍🏾#technosavvy #intergenerational

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