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The City of Kalamunda ’s Aged Care Advisory Committee is investigating the feasibility of a “Seniors Helping Seniors” homeshare service for residents.  Seniors Helping Seniors is a Homeshare programme involving Senior Householders (owned or rented) who value their independence, want to stay in their own home, need help or company and who are matched with younger Seniors who may find it hard to manage on their pension, pay rent  or run a car or are lonely or anxious about living alone.  The programme is based on the “Homeshare” concept of a WIN- WIN solution.


The homeowner provides a bedroom and shared facilities. In exchange, the homesharer provides a few hours per week of practical assistance such as cooking, cleaning, shopping or gardening, as well as company and the added security of having someone else sleeping in the home.

Homeshare assists individuals to stay in their own homes and to avoid or put off going into care.

It is based around positive and healthy ageing. Homeshare does not recruit live-in ‘carers’ it is all about finding caring, responsible ‘sharers’. View the Vermont model (USA)


Homeshare has been running in the USA since 1970, the UK since 1993 and Australia since 1997.

Many successful schemes run in Melbourne. Schemes also run in Japan, Belgium, Spain, France and Germany. The model has been tried and tested, and is very flexible with many variations.


Being ‘ready’ for homeshare is not about being dependent, quite the contrary, it is all about ‘maintaining’ independence.


This varies widely from being free, paying a small matching fee & through to paying a substantial sum annually, but generally in Australia  the scheme is funded mainly by government or other bodies  & is a low cost , not for profit venture.


Homeshare arrangements rely on the successful matching of people who are both willing and able to bring something of value to the arrangement. Homeshare schemes recruit and assess participants. Police checks and references are required, then if suitable a homesharer is matched with a homeowner. After a trial period if both parties are happy for the arrangement to continue, an agreement is drawn between parties. The body running the programme has safety as a top priority & visits at regular intervals individually to check all is well.


If you believe the scheme has merit, it is hoped you will support it, not because you need it, but because others might benefit from the scheme now. This will also ensure, if the need ever arises, it will be available to yourself in the future. It is estimated one-third of homeshare people would be in an aged care facility if not for the homeshare scheme.

Watch videos

How does Homeshare work:- link to This is the programme used in Melbourne.

To see Homeshare in action click the following link  The Vermont model (USA) is the most used, so I am suggesting their video as an important one to watch.   Shows how the scheme runs with volunteers. Could you be a volunteer? It is very rewarding to improve the quality of life for people.

More Information

The HANZA the Australian Homeshare website provides information about Homeshare in Australia.

The following also provide information from some news coverage relating to homeshare.


If you would like to express an interest please visit the website or email your details to us:

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