Structure & Local Development Plans

Structure Plans

Structure Plans


High Wycombe

Hatch Court - Stirling Crescent Local Structure Plan



Forrestfield/High Wycombe Industrial Area Structure Plan Report  (PDF, 4.62 MB)
Forrestfield/High Wycombe Industrial Area Stage 1 Structure Plan  (PDF, 984KB)
Forrestfield Industrial Area Structure Plan  (PDF, 273.95 KB)
Forrestfield ODP Areas 2,3 & 4 U7(PDF, 410.75 KB)
ODP Agreement Area 3D Forrestfield   (PDF, 1.04 MB
Subdivision Guideplan Agreement 3A  (PDF, 1,017.32 KB)
Subdivision Guideplan Hawtin Road   (PDF, 979.57 KB)

High Wycombe

High Wycombe Urban Area U2 - Larwood Crescent ODP U2 (PDF, 984.04 KB)
High Wycombe Cell ODP U2 (PDF, 1.21 MB)
Karingal Green High Wycombe ODP U2 (PDF, 1.25 MB)
Urban Area ODP U2 (PDF, 1.06 MB)
Lot 10 Maida Vale Rd, High Wycombe Property Subdivision U4 (PDF, 1.05 MB)
Lot 105 Maida Vale Rd, Proposed Subdivision U4 (PDF, 720.94 KB)
Lot 399 Sorenson Road, High Wycombe (PDF, 10.5MB)
Urban Area Structure Plan U4 (PDF, 904.64 KB)

Wattle Grove

Wattle Grove Cell 9: Adopted ODP   (PDF, 820KB)
Wattle Grove Cell 9: Landscape Masterplan (Draft)    (PDF, 1.2MB)

Maida Vale

Maida Vale Cell 6  U6 (PDF, 1.5MB)


Canning Location 311 Structure Plan (August 2014) (PDF, 1.8MB)


Local Development Plans


The above maps have been produced by Mapping and GeoSpatial Data Branch, Department for Planning.

Whilst all care has been taken to accurately portray the current Scheme provisions, no responsibility shall be taken for any ommissions or errors in this documentation.

Consultation with the respective Local Government should be made to veiw a legal version of the Scheme. Please advise the Department for Planning of any omissions or errors in the documents.

Base Information Supplied by Western Australian Land Information Authority, GL248-2007-2


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