Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places

Heritage Review

The Shire of Kalamunda recognises places it considers have cultural heritage significance for the local community by including such places on its Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places.

What is a Municipal Inventory?
A Municipal Inventory is a list of places that, in the opinion of the Local Government, are or may become of cultural heritage significance. The current Municipal Inventory includes individual place records that briefly locate and describe each place, outline its significance and provide a recommendation for the management of its cultural heritage values. The Municipal Inventory also includes a Thematic Framework that outlines the history of the Shire and is used to assess the cultural significance of places.

Why do we have a Municipal Inventory?
The Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 (the Act) requires all local government authorities in Western Australia to compile, and periodically review and update, a Municipal Inventory. The Shire of Kalamunda compiled the current Municipal Inventory in 1996.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Act, the Municipal Inventory can assist the Shire of Kalamunda to:

  • Provide a cultural and historic record of the local district.
  • Provide information about local heritage that may be required under the Local Planning Scheme.
  • Determine local government heritage conservation policies.
  • Achieve the heritage conservation objectives of town planning in the State.

Download Brochure: Municipal Heritage Inventory Review 2014

View Municipal Inventory (PDF, 18.7MB)


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