Local Strategies

Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy enables Council to determine the vision and strategic planning direction for the City of Kalamunda for the next twenty (20) years, to coincide with Directions 2031. The Local Planning Strategy is endorsed by Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). The Local Planning Strategy has included assessment of all relevant State and Regional planning documents.  [READ MORE...]

Local Housing Strategy

The City of Kalamunda’s Local Housing Strategy sets out a strategy for meeting the future housing needs of its community, and for managing the character and amenity of existing residential areas. [READ MORE...]

Public Open Strategy

The Public Open Strategy aims to ensure that Public Open Space (POS) is delivered to optimise community benefit by providing direction to guide the future provision, enhancement and management of POS. [READ MORE...]

Industrial Development Strategy

The Industrial Development Strategy is intended to provide direction in regard to strategic and statutory planning decision making within the City of Kalamunda to facilitate and manage growth and changes to industrial estates within the municipal area. The City’s industrial areas are well situated for industrial activity given the proximity to major freight routes, established industrial estates and Perth Airport. [READ MORE...]

Environmental Land Use Planning Strategy

The Environmental Land Use Planning Strategy (ELUPS) aims to provide strategies and actions to improve and protect the local natural environment in balance with future development growth through statutory and strategic planning processes. [READ MORE...]


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