Dual Density Codes – Amendment 82


The Local Housing Strategy (approved 24/3/14) is a document that provides a rationale for careful and strategic housing density changes around town centres and other focus areas. The Local Housing Strategy identifies areas in Forrestfield, Kalamunda, High Wycombe and Maida Vale for a dual density code. The dual density code is proposed to be implemented through Amendment 82 to Local Planning Scheme 3.

Will my property be affected?

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Forrestfield Kalamunda Maida Vale/High Wycombe
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Technical Details

Amendment 82 to Local Planning Scheme 3 was adopted by Council at the OCM Meeting of June 27th 2016 and seeks to recode some properties to a dual density code on the Planning Scheme map. The dual density code will consist of a lower code and a higher code (e.g. R20/R40). The lower density code will apply by default unless an owner can prove that a proposed development fulfils the requirements for the higher R-Code. Local Planning Scheme No. 3, and the associated policy and/or design guidelines, will set out the requirements that need to be met in order to develop at the higher density R-Code. The proposed policy / design guidelines will be prepared in the second half of 2016 and will be presented to Council for consideration

Additional details can also be found in the minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting held in June 2016.

Why are there design and development criteria to achieve the higher density code?

The design and development criteria proposed under the Scheme Amendment aims to ensure fundamental factors that contribute towards the character and amenity of a residential area are developed and maintained to the highest standard. In achieving this the criteria seeks to ensure a better built form outcome, improvement of the overall streetscape and generate a diversity in housing stock.  The Shire will create a policy to explain, in detail, the requirements for achieving the higher density code. This will illustrate the desired outcomes and the options for how to achieve them.

Planning Process

The Local Housing Strategy identifies the areas of Forrestfield, Kalamunda, High Wycombe and Maida Vale as priority areas to implement an increased housing density.

The remaining steps are as follows and must be completed before the new dual density codes take effect:

Council initiates Amendment 82 to Local Planning Scheme No. 3


State government approves advertising of the Amendment 82


The Shire invited comment on the proposal.
Information evenings were be held between 6:00 and 7:30pm as follows:

4 Jan 2016 – 4 March 2016

Council considered Amendment 82 and it was adopted
The amendment was then send back to the State government (Department of Planning) for final approval

July 2016

The Shire has progressed the development of the Draft Dual Density Design Guidelines as a Local Planning Policy (LPP) which will accompany the requirements for development under the Dual Density Codes adopted under Scheme Amendment 82.
It is expected that Council will be seeking public comment by approximately June / July of 2017. The Draft (LPP) will be forwarded to the Department of Planning for their review.

 Approximately June / July of 2017

Following the consideration of the Dual Density Design Guidelines (Local Planning Policy) A final adopted version will be forwarded to the Department of Planning. The Department of Planning will then complete their assessment and progress a report to the Statutory Planning Committee (SPC), of which, the recommendation will be forwarded to the Minister of Planning for a final decision.

August 2017

Minister for Planning decides whether or not to approve the amendment

Approximately October – December 2017

Development in accordance with the dual density codes and policy can occur

 Upon Approval

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please contact the Shire’s Planning Department on 9257 9999.

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