Planning & Development

All healthy and vibrant communities require a mix of areas for living, working and recreation and to this end, Council’s Planning and Development Services:

  • Controls where and what type of building or development takes place
  • Regulates the use of land throughout the municipality.  
  • Ensures that all new subdivisions are designed to incorporate integration of all the relevant facilities.

Good planning ensures that building or land use is compatible with the surrounding area, that provision for shops, factories and other commercial enterprises is made and that the traffic circulation and parking areas are sufficient. Council also regulates the type and size of signs and the extent of buildings. These controls all help to ensure that a pleasant living and working environment is maintained for the Community as a whole.

Want to Build or Change the use of the land?
Contact Planning and Development Services on 9257 9999.

All privately owned land in the Shire falls under planning controls, so if you are considering erecting any building or intend using land for a purpose different to its current use please contact Planning and Development Services. You may need to lodge a rezoning or development application and planning approval may need to be obtained before taking any further action.

Council also monitors population and housing growth in order to plan for future community facilities and services.


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