Engineering Services


The City of Kalamunda’s Engineering Services are responsible for the following infrastructure:

Should you have any queries regarding the above areas an email can be sent to

Road Maintenance

Each year the City spends approximately $950,000 on providing minor maintenance to the City’s road network. Most minor maintenance works are provided on a programmed basis, including:

  • Road sweeping
  • Patching of potholes
  • Grading of gravelled roads and road shoulders
  • Installing guide posts
  • Weed control 

In addition to these services, the City also undertakes works on an emergency basis, including removal of spilt oil and removal of fallen trees.

Driveways (Crossovers)

The section of your driveway between the edge of the road and the boundary of a property is called a crossover. A person constructing a crossover may seek a contribution from the City towards the cost. For further details and specifications download the crossover specifications and a contribution application form.


The City maintains an extensive drainage network designed to prevent flooding of roads and property. As part of this maintenance, sweeping of roads and cleaning of gullies is undertaken, on a scheduled basis, to reduce build up of leaf litter and other rubbish within the drains. Although a considerable level of effort is undertaken, leaves and debris washed from private property can still block the drainage network. Residents can assist in preventing flooding by clearing any leaves or other debris from drainage grates on the road.

Kerbing Road

Kerbing is installed as a part of the City’s drainage network. Road kerbs both direct water into the drainage system and provide a channel for controlling larger storm events. Due to the importance of road kerbing, in preventing property flooding, a standard kerb is used throughout the City. It is important in maintaining the drainage network that residents do not remove or tamper with the kerb. This includes placing bitumen or concrete between the kerb and the road.


The City constructs footpaths on a priority basis; this is determined through the consideration of a number of criteria, including the distance of the path from schools, shops and bus routes, traffic volumes and housing density.

To assist pedestrians, residents are requested to ensure that any trees and shrub branches are prevented from growing over footpaths from private property or the adjacent verge.

Street Signs

The City maintains street name signs and ‘No Through Road’ signs. All other signage, except advertising signs, are the responsibility of Main Roads WA. Should you see a damaged or broken sign, please report the sign type and location to Main Roads WA on their free call number 1800 800 009. Alternately you can email Main Roads WA at

street lightingStreet Lighting

Western Power is responsible for the maintenance of street lights. To report faulty street lights please call Western Power’s free call number, 1800 688 008. Alternately you can email Western Power at

The City is responsible for the payment of electricity and the installation of street lights.

Please note street lights are not installed for the purpose of private property security.

Verge Trees


Residents are permitted to carry out light under pruning and/or side pruning of their verge trees for the following reasons: 

  • vision problems;
  • removal of broken branches;
  • trimming of branches over fence lines; and
  • trimming of branches for aesthetic purposes.

The City has implemented a scheduled annual verge tree pruning programme for the whole of the City. Trees may be pruned when they are nearing power lines or where branches overhang the road or footpaths. When a tree is attended to by the City, for any purpose, the tree will also be under pruned to height of 1.5m.

Should the verge tree be a naturally occurring tree, under power lines, Western Power take responsibility for the pruning of these trees. Please contact Western Power on 13 13 51.

The City’s tree planting programme continues to be very active with approximately 4,500 trees, shrubs and seedlings planted during 2006. This activity takes place in July each year.

Verge Maintenance

BusShelterThe verge is the strip of land between the property boundary and the road edge. The verge is part of the road reserve which houses underground public utility services such as gas, water, sewage and electricity. To prevent any disturbance to these services, when residents excavate their verge for landscaping purposes or to construct a fence or crossover, they should call the ‘Dial Before you Dig’ number, 1100, which is a facility that provides locations of many services contained within the verge.

Verges are generally maintained by the resident living adjacent to that verge. The City does provide a service of slashing un-maintained verges once a year, on a programmed basis. Unfortunately, due to the large number of properties within the City, the City is unable to provide additional services or to vary the programme to suit individual residents.

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