Meet the Neighbours

Do you know your neighbour?
Can you call a neighbour in case of an emergency?
Do the children on your street play together?
Need a walking buddy, ask a neighbour!
Who collects your mail while you are away?
Do you wave and say hello to your neighbours?
Have you enjoyed a cuppa and a chat with your neighbour?

We believe that meeting your neighbours is a powerful way to create happier and healthier communities.

Recent research has shown that neighbourhoods where people know each other are safer and that residents are more willing to help one another. Getting to know those who live around you is an easy way to discover the great people and assets of a neighbourhood. After taking part in our ‘Meet the Neighbours' events, we have heard all kinds of wonderful stories of people beginning to share lawn mowers, finding out they have a babysitter that lives two doors down, discovering a new friend to go walking with or having someone to ring if they need help.

What is a Meet the Neighbours event?

Meet the Neighbours is any event where the purpose is to get to know your neighbours better. You can host an event at your house or local park. We leave the finer details to you and you can be creative as you like – you may like to host a morning tea, afternoon tea, sundowner, BBQ or whatever works for you! You will just need to follow:

  • Invite the number of people you have agreed to invite
  • At least half the people you invite need to be people you don’t know well
  • Don’t charge for the event.
  • After the event fill in a Feed Back Form and provide at least one photo of the event.

Want to know more?

Visit the  All We Need is Right Here website or phone 0416 826 133.
The website provide resources and information on getting started and an Application Form for a Grant.

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