Community Safety & Crime Prevention

Community Safety

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2013 - 2018

Creating and supporting an environment and community where its residents feel safe and secure is a priority for the City of Kalamunda. Community safety is about more than just the level of crime that exists in a community but also about the community’s perceived level of safety.

There are many factors that influence how safe people feel in a community. Improving community safety requires all sections of the community to work together and build partnerships to create a safer environment for people to work, live and play in.

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan (CSCPP) 2013 – 2018 builds on the City’s existing community safety activities and the City’s previous 2007 – 2010 Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan. The Plan contains five broad strategies developed to address community concerns. Each Strategy Area includes objectives and detailed actions in order to achieve the objectives. For each action internal responsibility, a timeframe for implementation and a method for evaluation have been identified.

The five Strategy Areas are:

  • Strategy 1 – Awareness and Understanding
  • Strategy 2 – Programs and Partnerships
  • Strategy 3 – Physical Environment
  • Strategy 4 – Emergency Management, Ranger and Environmental Health Services
  • Strategy 5 – Targeted Precinct Planning

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Strategy

The City of Kalamunda installs CCTV systems as a tool to improve community confidence that an area is safe and to support the usage of City facilities. The City of Kalamunda CCTV Strategy sets out to capture existing technical and functional requirements to ensure CCTV is applied consistently within the City’s Strategic Planning Framework.
View the CCTV Strategy here

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