Citizenship Ceremonies

Citzenship ceremony

The City of Kalamunda has the pleasure of coordinating Australian Citizenship Ceremonies for approved applicants who live within the City. Ceremonies are held at the City’s Administration Centre on a regular basis, with a special Ceremony held on Australia Day each year.

The Citizenship Ceremony is a solemn act of law, through which you take on a new status, a new destiny here in Australia, and wherever you may travel in the world it is a status of which you may be proud. As Australians you will be members of a community which is democratic and which everyone has an equal right to life, liberty and freedom of opportunity. By becoming Australian Citizens you are showing that you want to belong and that you want to have a say in Australia’s future.

No one who applies for Australian Citizenship is expected to renounce their cultural identity, customs or traditions which are part of their heritage.  Australia’s own heritage is enriched by contributions from people from many lands, your contributions!

To apply for Australian Citizenship contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 131 880, or go to to download the necessary forms.

Download Urgent Ceremony Request Form - Must be Lodged with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and not the City of Kalamunda

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the following frequently asked questions supplied by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship may address your Citizenship inquiry:

Q. When is my ceremony?
A. When you have been scheduled to attend a ceremony you will receive an invitation by mail approximately 2 – 4 weeks before the date of your ceremony.

Q. It has been more than three months since my application was approved – why haven’t I been invited to attend a ceremony?
A. Generally, ceremonies are scheduled within three months of approval but waiting periods vary. Waiting times for citizenship ceremonies in Perth councils are currently 4 - 6 months and are longer in some council areas. The Department appreciates your patience and asks that you wait to receive an invitation to your ceremony.

Q. Can I attend a ceremony in another council area?
A. Applicants for Australian citizenship must attend a citizenship ceremony in their local council area. You may not request to attend a ceremony in any other council.

Q. What do I do if I am unable to attend my ceremony?
A. You should notify your local council if you are unable to attend the ceremony allocated to you. In most cases you will be invited to a subsequent ceremony. You will receive an invitation by mail approximately 2 – 4 weeks before the date of your ceremony. Please be aware that if you do not attend a ceremony and make a Pledge of Commitment within 12 months of the date your citizenship application was approved, the approval of your application may be cancelled.

Q. How do I request to be considered for an urgent ceremony?
A. Citizenship ceremonies are traditionally public ceremonial occasions which provide an important opportunity to formally welcome new citizens. The Department encourages applicants to attend public ceremonies, however in an emergency situation, the Department may agree to conduct an urgent citizenship ceremony. If you believe your circumstances warrant consideration by the Department for an emergency citizenship ceremony, you must make the request in writing by completing the attached request form. Please mail, email or fax the form to the Department and you must include supporting documentary evidence or it will not be considered. You will only be contacted by the Department if your request for an urgent ceremony is approved.

If you are inquiring about the outcome of your urgent ceremony request or any other citizenship matter, please contact us on 131 880, 8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Q. What if I need to travel?
A. If you wish to travel before your citizenship ceremony has been allocated to you, you must travel on your previous passport and permanent resident visa. If either of these has expired, you must get them renewed. You will not be given an emergency ceremony on the basis of an expired passport or visa under any circumstances.

Please be aware that you should never pay for travel arrangements before having a valid passport and visa in your possession. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship accepts no responsibility if you do so, nor will we expedite your ceremony because you have fixed travel dates.

Q. My contact details have changed. How do I notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship?
A. It is important that you notify the Department if your contact details have changed. If you have emailed us your updated contact details using an email address that you have already provided to the Department (for example on your citizenship application form) then we will update your contact details. Alternatively you can update your contact details by calling 131 880 or completing and submitting Form 929: Change of address and/or passport details.

General information regarding ceremonies can be found on the Department’s website.

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