Public Computers

Computers @ Your library

Each of our libraries have computers available for public use. It is recommended that you call to reserve a computer as there is a limited number available at each of our branches, otherwise they are issued  on a first come first served basis.

The computers have the following programs available and run on a Windows operating systems.

  • Internet Access (via Internet Explorer or Chrome)
  • MS Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher (Kalamunda Library only)
    Libre Office (available at other libraries)

Terms & Conditions of use

  • Access
    • Bookings may be made in half hour blocks for up to one hour per day.  Extra time is at the discretion of library staff.
    • Bookings are only for the specific computer allocated.
    • Booking a computer is acknowledgement and acceptance of these conditions for library members.
    • Non-members must complete and sign booking sheet acknowledging acceptance of conditions of use.
    • For various reasons, computers are not guaranteed to be available for your booking.
  • Content
    • The Library has no control over information on the Internet, and cannot guarantee its accuracy or usefulness.
    • Restriction of a child’s access to any or all information is the responsibility of the child’s parent/guardian.
    • Customers are not to access material deemed illegal, objectionable, offensive, violent, pornographic or material to be used for criminal activity.
  • Help
    • These are self service machines, only minimal assistance is available from library staff.
    • Library staff will assist with specific queries if they can, but cannot give extensive help or training.
  • Connection
    • The Library cannot guarantee that the computers will not disconnect during use.  If this occurs, information entered and booked time may be lost.
    • The Library cannot guarantee that any site will be available for access.
    • Customers must only use software programs that are already loaded on to the computer.
  • Downloading Information
    • Printing costs are 20c for a black and white page and $1.00 for a colour page.  Please pay staff at front desk.
    • Please use print preview to check the length of your document.  You will be expected to pay for all pages printed.
    • Downloading large quantities of data is not permitted e.g. movies, computer programs, etc.
    • Please respect copyright and licensing laws.  If unsure please ask a staff member.
    • Please use headphones/earphones if the site you are accessing has music or audio content.



With technology so readily available for all ages it is imperative that you and your family are Cyber Aware. There are several resources available online that allow you to become educated and aware of the many issues you or your family may be exposed to whilst online
For various resources, information and tips - Check out our eSmart section

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