2016/17 Library Fees and Charges

Fees & Charges

The Shire of Kalamunda Libraries offer a primarily free service, however there are some services which have a cost recovery charge. Fees and Charges are reviewed annually.

Library Value Calculator

What is your library worth to you? How valuable is your local library? How much is your public library saving you?
Public libraries offer their communities an excellent variety of recreational and educational resources. How much would you pay to purchase books or other library items and services if they were not provided by your public library?
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Description Cost
USB Device (8 Gig) $8.00
Library Bag $1.00
Earphones $4.00


Library Fees

Description Cost
Replacement Library Cards $4.20
Lost Books Replacement Value
Damaged Books Replacement Value
Overdue Fees Not Charged
Administration Fee
for handling refund of lost item


Services - Photocopying/Printing/Facsimile/Digitised records/Laminating

Description Cost
Public Computers
Includes: Word Processor, Internet & Email Access
view Terms & Conditions of use
view WiFi access points and Terms & Conditions
Printing - Black & White
[per page]
Printing - Colour
[per page]
Photocopier Use - A4 Black & White
[per page]
Photocopier Use - A4 Colour
[per page]
Photocopier Use - A3 Black & White
[per page]
Photocopier Use - A3 Colour
[per page]
Laminating - A4
[per page]
Laminating - A3
[per page]
available at Kalamunda & Forrestfield only
Scan & Email $3.50
Fax Charges:
Metro area: 1st page
Metro area: subsequent pages
Rest of Australia: 1st page
Rest of Australia: subsequent pages
International: 1st page
International: subsequent pages



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