Smoke, Dust & Sand


Smoke from burning contributes to air pollution in a locality and can be both unpleasant and a risk to health at sufficiently high levels of exposure. At lower levels it may cause problems for people with respiratory problems and the very young and elderly. If you experience smoke nuisance you should first consider approaching your neighbour to discuss the matter with them.

Residents may burn dry green waste on their property when the fire ban is lifted (usually between April and November) but need to comply with the Health Act and ensure that they are not creating a smoke nuisance.
For more information please refer to our Guidelines on Minimising Smoke

If you are experiencing smoke related problems which are occurring now, please contact us so an inspection may be undertaken by an Environmental Health Officer. If the problem is recurring or ongoing, please complete and return the Health Investigation Request Form.

Dust and Sand
The City of Kalamunda Sand Drift and Litter Control Local Law 2006 makes it an offence for owners or occupiers to allow sand or dust to be released or escape during building and/or subdivision works and allows infringement notices to be served for such offences. Property owners or occupiers have a responsibility to prevent the escape of excessive dust and or sand from their land. Various ways that can be used include-
1. Wind fencing:-Use of wind barriers provides protection against the movement and impact of dust on nearby residents and land uses.
2. Water use:-Providing sprinklers or a reticulation system to suppress the dust. This method is less effective during warm and windy conditions.
3. Hydro mulching:-This is a preferred method for controlling dust as it is not affected by evaporation.
Dust Wind Fence4. Chemical stabilization: - Chemicals stabilizers work by binding small soil particles resulting in a strong surface sealant. The stabilized areas should be protected from traffic access and the manufacturer’s label directions should be used.
5. Covering all piles of sand or other building material.

Developers are advised to comply with the Department of Environment dust control guideline.
- Land development sites and impacts on air quality.
Please click below link for the guideline. 

Department of Environment and Conservation - Guidelines

If you are having ongoing problems with dust or sand drift please complete and return the Health Investigation Request Form.

For more information on dust and sand please click on the below link
Control of Dust & Sand


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