Noise Levels

Download Noise Level Thermometer (PDF, 454KB) (shown on right)

Unwanted or unreasonable noise can have a significant impact on the amenity of the area. There is state legislation controlling the level of noise to which you can be exposed. These laws also restrict the way certain noisy equipment can be used. If you are experiencing an unreasonable level of noise from a neighbouring property, please read our Information on Neighbourhood Noise leaflet, below, before discussing the issue with your neighbour.

If, following speaking to your neighbour, the noise problem persists; you can lodge a formal complaint with Council's Health Service by completing Health Investigation Request Form and returning it to us.

Vehicle Noise
The legislation mentioned above only applies to vehicles when they are on private property, for example, the use of trail bikes on large properties. The City is unable to take any action when the vehicle is on a public road. Noise from aircraft and trains is also exempt.

Waste Services Noise

A draft Noise Management Plan has been proposed for the noise impact from pre-7am works carried out by the City of Kalamunda and how it will be managed and minimised. Plans have been prepared for footpath sweeping, road sweeping and litter bin servicing.
View Waste Services for more information on this management plan.

After Hours Noise
Unfortunately the City is unable to respond to after hour noise complaints. If you are experiencing difficulty with noise after hours, such as a party, please contact the Police for assistance. If the complaint is ongoing please discuss the issue with your neighbour in the first instance, and then complete and return a Health Investigation Request Form.

Information on Neighbourhood Noise
Solving Neighbourhood Issues
Health Investigation Request Form

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