Public & Environmental Health

The City of Kalamunda’s Health Service is responsible for maintaining public health standards within the community. Below you will find links to commonly requested information.

Effluent Disposal
Keeping of Animals
Smoke and Dust

The City of Kalamunda Keeping and Control of Animals and Nuisance Local Law 2011 came into operation on 19 September 2011. This local law covers issues such as smoke, odour, sand drift, nuisances and keeping of animals. Please note that as of 1 November 2013 Keeping of Cats will be covered under the Cat Act 2011 and the Cat Regulations 2012. View more information on Cats


It is natural that in the course of day to day living that some activities may result in noise, dust, and other effects, that may affect those living with you or on other nearby properties. While it is acceptable for some activities to be undertaken that may produce, noise, smoke, dust, fumes, odours, or accumulations of solid or liquid waste, there is also a responsibility to ensure that they are within legal limits and do not adversely affect surrounding properties. Similarly, residents should ensure that activities on their land do not result in the breeding or attraction of pests.

If you are experiencing problems with a neighbour’s activity please refer to the information in the following link. Amongst this information you will also find a Health Investigation Request Form which you will need to complete if you would like assistance from the City’s Health Service in resolving any issue.

Health Investigation Request Form


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