Hairdressers & Skin Penetration Premises


Hairdressers are required to comply with the Hairdressing Establishment Regulations 1972  which outline basic health and hygiene standards. Other useful fact sheets compiled by the Department of Health include Cut Throat Razors  and Use of Ear Piercing Guns.
To conduct a hairdressing business you need to seek planning approval by contacting the City’s Planning Services on (08) 9257 9999. Hairdressing businesses are also required to complete and return a Notification Form to the City’s Health Service.
Skin Penetration


Skin penetration premises are required to comply with the Health (Skin Penetration Procedures) Regulations 1998 and the Code of Practice for Skin Penetration Procedures.

A skin penetration procedure is any procedure which involves the tearing, cutting, puncturing or shaving of the skin and includes services such as:
• Beauty Therapy
• Tattooing
• Nail salons
• Acupuncture
• Body piercing
• Cosmetic enhancements

What do I need to do before I can open?
Before opening the premises you are required to contact the City’s Health Service to arrange an appointment time to ensure that the premise complies with the relevant legislation. The Department of Health has produced some advice notes to assist businesses to comply these include Advice for the Beauty Therapy Industry and General Requirements for Operating a Skin Penetration Establishment. Once approval is given the premise is then subject to routine inspections by an Environmental Health Officer.

What about if I would like to run a home business?
If you would like to operate a hairdressing or skin penetration premise from your home you need to apply to the City’s Planning Service for Approval to Operate a Home Occupation.  If you would like more information you can contact a planning officer on 9257 9999.

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