Building Plan Retrieval

If you are looking for building plans (building and septic) and documents for your property, City of Kalamunda may have copies.  Many of the building plans are archived off site in secure storage.

When seeking a copy of their building plans, the property owner or applicant with written permission from the owner, is required to complete a Building Plan Retrieval Request Form and must attend the Administration Office to submit the form with proof of identification.

The provision of a copy of building plans is subject to the payment of a fee as set by Council for the recovery of relevant documents.  The quality of plans is not guaranteed and the Property Search Fee is not refundable if the plans are not suitable or cannot be located.

Prospective purchasers or real estate agents can obtain copies of building plans subject to written authorisation from owner to obtain plans.  A copy of this authorisation must be submitted when completing the Building Plan Retrieval Request Form.

Building Plan Retrieval Request Form

Building Plan Retrieval Letter of Authority

For further information including costs please phone Customer Services on 9257 9999.

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