City Submission to Perth Airport

Published on 4 September 2018

The City of Kalamunda has lodged its submission for the Perth Airport Major Development Plan New Runway Project requesting a significant amount of documentation be provided to the City for the project, along with requests for a number of works to be carried out.

The City requested a Traffic Impact Assessment; a Construction Management Plan and Haulage Management Plan and localised community engagement regarding long-term management of road closures.

Backing the request of residents, who have been vocal in regards to the Wavy-leaved smokebush (Conospermum undulatum) contained in the nearby Forrestfield North District Structure Plan area, the City also requested the Airport purchase offsets within the immediate locality and that a more recent flora and fauna survey be undertaken. The more recent flora and fauna survey will assist with fully understanding the impacts to existing native flora and fauna and appropriately ascertain offset requirements.

Mayor John Giardina said, “It is understood that Perth Airport were looking further afield for offsets and at research opportunities in lieu of like-for-like offsets, which residents do not feel is appropriate.”

The environment is important to ratepayers of the City, and Perth Airport has the opportunity to preserve a rare species of vegetation at a neighbouring site, which I am sure will be their preference given how community orientated they are.”

“We would also like to see the installation of a vegetation buffer on the eastern boundary of Perth Airport to improve visual amenity and provide for fauna habitat.”

Further requests related to the construction of appropriate crossovers and reinstatement of the verge where construction works impact them within the City of Kalamunda boundaries; independent noise monitoring for existing residents and sourcing the funding of an insulation scheme where necessary; a Stormwater Management Plan and ongoing monitoring of Munday Swamp and associated drainage areas and waterways.

Importantly the City is also seeking financial contributions for the cost of road wear or damage caused by increased heavy haulage construction vehicles.

The City requested the Perth Airport consider minimising the use of the new runway during the hours of late evening to early morning, and uses the western most runway during those hours, to minimise the additional noise impacts on the adjoining suburbs to the east and asked for further studies to identify and minimise any health impacts on neighbouring suburbs in relation to emissions from aircraft activity.

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