Belmont’s Hostile Takeover Attempt

Published on 8 October 2013

The Kalamunda Council has been outraged by details in the City of Belmont’s Local Government Reform Submission which seeks, ‘to abolish the district of the Shire of Kalamunda’ and extend its eastern boundary to encompass our Shire in its entirety.
Shire President Sue Bilich said, “After six weeks of trying to negotiate a joint submission with Belmont in which we have tried at every opportunity to work together, Belmont are clearly set on a takeover.”
“The proposed boundary adjustment would see the City of Belmont effectively take over the Shire of Kalamunda and would deny the Kalamunda Community any say in its future. We would sadly become the Greater City of Belmont.

“Belmont’s position is ridiculous and an extremely negative approach, rather than working through a collaborative process of consultation and negotiation. It is an insult to our residents and to the integrity of our entire community.”

“Whilst our submission for the forced amalgamation focused on a merger based upon a one vote one value principle for all electors in the new entity, Belmont seem to think that they can just take over our Shire – even though we have almost double the population of the City of Belmont, and are nine times larger geographically.”

The Minister for Local Government advised all metropolitan local governments in July that Councils will be dismissed if they did not comply with the Government's reform agenda. The Kalamunda Council reluctantly decided it was in the best interest of its ratepayers to comply and work within the process to influence stronger outcomes and benefits for the community.
Shire President Sue Bilich said, “This audacious move by Belmont, submitting a proposal to take over the larger community of Kalamunda, will result in significant animosity and our Community will not accept being treated in such a dismissive manner by our neighbours.”
“The Shire’s future is now in the hands of the Local Government Advisory Board and the Local Government Minister and we are advocating for the principles of equity and fairness to be applied.

Concerned residents are encouraged to speak to their local members of Parliament and Councillors. Contact details, the Shire’s submission and other related documents can be found here.

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