Benefits of Native Gardens

Published on 3 October 2012

Have you considered planting an environmentally-friendly garden? There are many benefits to planting a native garden, particularly in the Shire of Kalamunda which is predominately comprised of national parks, water catchment areas and State forest.

Having adapted to the specific soil and climatic conditions of a region over a long period of time, native plants are best adapted to grow in their local conditions and are more likely to thrive than plants from a different region.

Shire President Cr Donald McKechnie said, “As a community the Shire is very aware of the beauty of the region as well as its environmental significance. Cultivating native gardens can play a large role in helping to maintain the biodiversity of both the flora and fauna of the Shire.”

“There are extensive benefits to planting native plants around your home and property and the Shire strongly encourages residents to consider native plant options for their garden to help preserve our natural environment.”

The wide range of benefits of planting native species includes: they are easily established and maintained; they provide the best habitat and food for native animals, birds, insects and other wildlife; they will often grow faster and be more resilient than non-native species and be less susceptible to local pests and diseases; they help to combat salinity and stabilise soil erosion (through well-developed root systems); they won’t develop into an ongoing weed problem like some exotic plants; some species have the ability to fix nitrogen into the soil assisting other species to grow (for example,  wattles); and they are able to tolerate local climatic extremes such as frost or periodic drought.

Shire President Cr Donald McKechnie said, “Each year the Shire runs its annual Plants for Residents Programme which promotes the revegetation of residential and rural properties with local native trees, shrubs and groundcovers by giving away free native seedlings.”

“The Shire also actively supports volunteer Friends Groups who help to conserve local reserves, runs education and information workshops throughout the year and has experienced Environmental Services staff available to help answer any queries residents may have regarding the preservation of native environments.”

“Residents can play an active role in helping to restore native landscapes by choosing to plant native instead of foreign species in their gardens, helping to preserving the wonderful biodiversity unique to the Shire,” he said.

For further information contact the Shire of Kalamunda Environmental Services Officer on 9257 9806 or to download a copy of the Plants for Residents Programme Species List click here

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