Preparation for Bushfire Season in Full Swing

Published on 7 November 2018

Preparations for the upcoming bushfire season have been underway in the City of Kalamunda since early this year. City officers along with the Kalamunda Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade have been carrying out an extensive hazard reduction program since Autumn, including mitigation burns, fuel load reductions, fire inspections and maintenance of fire breaks. The program is designed to mitigate the potential for bushfires in what is considered to be a high-risk area.

Despite the extensive preparations, Mayor John Giardina reminded residents responsibility for bushfire preparation required a whole of community approach.

“We all need to ensure we are bushfire ready. Property owners need to act now to reduce the risk to themselves, their property and their neighbours by making sure their property is well prepared and that a realistic bushfire survival plan has been put in place.”

The City has also been rolling out a comprehensive bushfire awareness engagement plan to educate the community and quash complacency.

“Bushfires can start suddenly and often without warning. We need to be real about the potential danger and have these serious conversations with our community. We’ve been out and about on the streets, at community events, all over social media, meeting one-on-one with residents, writing to residents and hosting free forums and information nights to help reinforce the importance of being bushfire ready.”

Owners and occupiers within the City of Kalamunda are required to ensure they have prepared their properties in compliance with the ‘Fire Hazard Reduction Notice'. Failure to meet the minimum requirements of the ‘Fire Hazard Reduction Notice’ may result in penalties being issued.

More Information

View City Fire Information and Regulations
DFES Five Minute Fire Chat:
Alternatively, contact City of Kalamunda Bushfire Officer via email or phone 9257 9999.


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