Easier, Friendlier Faster Customer Service Strategy

Published on 29 November 2017

Customer Service Strategy

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The City of Kalamunda has launched a new customer service strategy for  residents and ratepayers. For the first time the City of Kalamunda has introduced the new strategy to assist with ongoing initiatives for better working relationships.  

CEO Rhonda Hardy said the City was committed to continually improving the customer service experience.  “The new strategy outlines the key principles, strategies, actions, and performance measures for improved customer service standards over the next four years,” she said. 

Under a new business unit ‘Customer and Public Relations’ formed in July 2016 staff began a journey toward consolidating the customer service operation and put in place a team to lead and monitor customer satisfaction with responsibility for delivering better customer service outcomes. 

The Customer Service Strategy offers easier, friendlier and faster service for residents and ratepayers in the City boundaries.  

 “The City is committed to several concepts including; cultural change, technological and process improvement and a centralised service model - with increased self-service options and improvements based on customer feedback.”  

“It is all about the Customer, their journey and how we can create a better experience.”

 “It is crucial for internal relationships to be strong and that we service each other’s internal requests for support and assistance in a proactive manner, to achieve the end goal more efficiently for customers,” Ms Hardy said.  

City business units will collaborate across business units to ensure the success of the programme


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