City of Kalamunda Seeks Feedback on Proposed Zoning Change to Allow Small Unit Development

Published on 14 May 2018

The City of Kalamunda is currently preparing a report for Council on a proposal to change the zoning of Lot 7 (41) Marion Way, Gooseberry Hill from ‘Residential – R5’ to ‘Special Use’ (Aged and Dependent Persons Dwellings).

A special use code means the dwelling must comply with Clause 5.5.2 of the Residential Design Codes. These Design Codes outline specific development requirements, permit a maximum of 5 dwellings per development (amongst other things) and require at least one person in the dwelling meet the definition of a dependant or aged person.

The concept plan for this proposal proposed a total of 4 over 55 homes on the site.

An aged person is defined as someone 55 years or older and a dependant person is defined as someone with a recognised form of disability requiring special accommodation for independent living or special care.

Mayor John Giardina said, “Those residing in Aged and Dependent Persons Dwellings are independent, over 55, and most likely to be retirees looking to downsize whilst maintaining some autonomy within their lives. Aged and Dependent Persons Dwellings are often confused with aged care facilities, but the two are quite different land use activities.”

Aged care facilities are usually stand-alone facilities where nursing and aged care staff are employed on a full time basis. They include an area for meals, cleaning services and all furnishings and furniture. It does not include care given within a person’s private home.

The proposal will go to Council for consideration in the coming months, with community members encouraged to come along, ask questions or to make a deputation. To find out more on the proposed zoning change to Lot 7 (41) Marion Way, Gooseberry Hill visit or contact the City of Kalamunda team on 9257 9999.

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