City Opens 24/7 Gym for Busy Locals

Published on 13 May 2018

24/7 Gym @ High Wycombe Rec. Centre

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Finding time to hit the gym between work, family and running a household may seem impossible. The City of Kalamunda has helped make “finding thirty” that bit easier with a new 24/7 gym at the High Wycombe Community & Recreation Centre.

Mayor John Giardina said, “Whilst we all lead busy lives, our health and wellbeing should not take a back seat. Council has endorsed a change to the High Wycombe Community & Recreation Centre’s gym, allowing it to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The change also improves efficiency of our operations as entry and exit can be controlled by a computerised system. This will mean the facility will become an unmanned centre, helping save costs over the long term.”

“I strongly encourage our community to use local community funded facilities to ensure their sustainability into the future”

Last year, Council endorsed $102,000 of the City's 2017-18 annual budget for improvements to the gym. The refurbishment was recently complete, which saw the gym fitted out with new equipment.

24/7 gyms have popped up all over Perth over the last few years, becoming a popular choice for those who lead busy lives. 

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To join the High Wycombe Community and Recreation Centre gym or find out more view our online site or contact the City of Kalamunda Recreation team on 9359 1700 or email

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