Legal Parking and Access for Everyone

Published on 26 May 2017

The Shire of Kalamunda reminds residents to observe all parking restrictions and keep driveways and footpaths clear of obstacles to ensure they do not disadvantage community members who require ease of access. 

CEO Rhonda Hardy said, “Please consider others when parking your car.”

“When parking at shopping centres, sporting reserves and recreation facilities and in streets and business districts please observe all parking conditions and ensure you park legally to enable seniors, parents with prams and people with disability equal access to all facilities.”

“There have been ongoing instances where people park illegally in ACROD disability parking bays, and bays for seniors and parents, hindering community members with mobility issues to access shops and buildings,” she said.

“Some residents also park their car or wheelie bins across footpaths, forcing people to walk on the road and creating a serious hazard for people with gophers, wheelchairs and prams and for small children on bikes.”

Parking schemes for people with disability were developed to support their independence and assist them to access the community.

ACROD parking is an exclusive parking bay for people with disability who have been issued with an ACROD Parking Permit. The bay can be identified by the international white wheelchair symbol on a blue square.

In accordance with the Shire of Kalamunda Parking Local Law 2008, the Shire can issue cautions and infringements for parking illegally. Infringements may be for a range of offences including not displaying a valid permit for parking in an ACROD bay, parking on a footpath or parking contrary to signs.

The Shire urges everyone to be considerate of fellow community members and make access easy for everyone by parking legally and keeping their cars and bins off footpaths and out of pedestrians’ way.

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