Forrestfield North Progress

Published on 1 March 2019

The City of Kalamunda is calling on the State Government to expedite the approvals of the Local Structure Plan (LSP) for the Residential Precinct of Forrrestfield North, following renewed and continued concerns from residents in the region.

Mayor John Giardina, “The City has been working closely with a number of land owners who would like to move on. The development of the LSP has meant, for some land owners, that their properties are identified as environmental conservation, public open space or will be used at least in part, for roads, drainage easements and the like.”

“Landowners want certainty on the future – and we understand that. Unfortunately, planning for such projects takes time.”

“We have a number of land owners who are aging, or unwell, and whose families are in limbo whilst the land planning takes place, we need to wrap it up as soon as possible, and get the Development Contribution Plan (DCP) in place, so that their land can be acquired or they can sell in the private market.”

“Council approved the LSP for the residential precinct in December 2018, we encourage the State Government to move forward with their review and assessment as soon as possible – noting the impact the planning process has on our residents.”

Development of the draft LSP for the Forrestfield North Residential Precinct included extensive community consultation with input from nearly 400 residents in 2017. Key outcomes from this engagement process included a desire from the community for a family-oriented and natural vibe, to celebrate creeks and streams, recreation and bushland living in design and provide sporting facilities and open green spaces that are lacking in the area.

Key features of the draft Forrestfield North Residential Precinct LSP include medium-high density residential zonings from R60 to R100, new road connections, approximately 20 hectares of public open space and drainage reserve, a community hub and primary school.

Whilst awaiting approval for the Residential Precinct LSP, work is nearing completion on the draft LSP for the Transit Oriented Development Precinct, which will incorporate planning for a new activity centre and commercially focused transit oriented area based around the new train station. The Plan is expected to be ready for public comment by mid-year.

The City is also developing a DCP. A DCP is also known as an ‘infrastructure levy’, established to provide for infrastructure construction / upgrades in an area, where the subdivision / development of land creates additional demand for infrastructure such as roads or community facilities. The DCP, once in effect, will enable the infrastructure upgrades to support the new land uses in the area.

Mayor John Giardina, “I will also foreshow that I intend on bringing forward a Notice of Motion for the 26 March 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting that will address how the City will deal with the existing Brand Road Landfill Site that has been identified as future public open space in the Residential Precinct LSP.”

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