Become an Earth Carer

Published on 20 June 2013

Earth Carers is a community education program which aims to improve community knowledge and skills in waste minimisation at the local government level. The program trains volunteers in the community to build their knowledge of waste management issues, learn practical ways of reducing waste at home and to promote waste minimisation in their local communities

The Earth Carers training program was developed in Australia’s eastern states, under the “Earth Works” banner. It was brought to Western Australia several years ago and after a successful trial by Cottesloe Council, it was implemented in the Western Metropolitan Regional Council.

“I encourage the Shire of Kalamunda community to get their hands dirty and become an Earth Carer. It’s a fantastic way to work towards improving basic skills, and to learn a few simple tips to reduce environmental waste. Every little bit helps.” said Acting CEO Clayton Higham.

Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council ran its first course in October 2009. The course consists of five sessions over two weeks and includes, guided tours, making your own green cleaning products, tips on recycling and reducing waste and composting and worm farming demonstrations.

The next course will take place in October 2013. For further information and to secure your place, please EMRC Waste Education Coordinator on 08 9424 2256.

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