Alan Anderson Restoration Works

Published on 16 July 2018

Restoration works at Alan Anderson Park are nearing completion.  The restoration works include heavy compaction of the site to avoid future undulations or sinkholes, and placing a geo-textile fabric and a capping layer to encapsulate any asbestos-containing materials.

The ground at Alan Anderson Park has already been compacted using an impact roller. Works to complete the capping layer earthworks will be completed in August 2018. Finally, planting of grass stolons will be done in Spring, when the weather is optimal.

Mayor John Giardina said, “It will be fantastic to see the much-loved community park reopen to the public.”

“Residents were very passionate about restoring the site, and I am sure will quickly put it to good use.”

Once restoration works are complete the City will request authorisation to open the park again to the public. It is expected residents will be able to enjoy the restored Alan Anderson Park in early 2019.

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