8 Weeks to Rejuvenate

Published on 8 July 2015

The Hartfield Park Recreation Centre offers four great ways for you to stay in shape and rejuvenate. The 8-week programmes are Pilates, Yoga, Boot Camp, and Mums & Bubs Yoga, and all commence in the last week of July 2015.

Pilates is a series of exercises designed to improve flexibility, core strength, balance and body awareness, and classes cater for all levels from beginner to advanced.

The Yoga programme helps you develop body awareness, strength and flexibility through physical postures and dynamic sequences, and is designed for all ages and abilities.

Boot Camp is a military-style highly motivating programme designed to give your fitness training a serious boost. Participants spur each other on, and both the variety and camaraderie make exercise more fun, helping you to keep fit and fired up.

The gentle and healing Mums & Bubs Yoga programme is designed to help women reconnect with their new self as a mother whilst gently interacting with their new baby until they become independently mobile.

CEO Rhonda Hardy said, “The award-winning Hartfield Park Recreation Centre caters for health and fitness levels of all ages. Instructors are fully qualified and available to support you with your fitness needs.”

Enrolment for all programmes is essential.

To book and for further information on classes and session times contact Hartfield Park Recreation Centre staff on 9359 1700 or email recreation@kalamunda.wa.gov.au

The Hartfield Park Recreation Centre is located at 199 Hale Road, Forrestfield.

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