City of Kalamunda drafts new Economic Development Strategy

Published on 3 January 2018

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The City of Kalamunda Council has approved its draft Economic Development Strategy to help drive economic growth in the area.

Mayor John Giardina said that the City of Kalamunda’s projected population increase was cited as one of the key drivers of economic growth that is expected to influence a number of industries, particularly education, training, health care and retail. This will create job opportunities and drive demand for a range of goods and services to support household consumption.

“The City of Kalamunda will be a business destination spoilt for choice with a diverse mix of natural assets and employment drivers that complement each other in delivering locally sustainable jobs and businesses,” Cr Giardina said. The City is committed to making its processes as efficient and clear as possible for new businesses, those seeking to grow or relocate.

One of the key priorities is to assist the Perth Hills achieve its potential as a tourism destination.  The region has all the attributes to be a highly successful and attractive destination, with a mix of accessibility, quality product and natural assets.  With a focus on product development, destination marketing and destination management, the region has the foundations to grow into a popular destination for a diverse range of visitors.

Cr Giardina said that while the region was predominately a day-trip destination, it could be promoted for overnight stays in future. “Council is committed to assisting the promotion of our unique area for local businesses who may like to host overnight guests.”

“We can raise the profile of the region through the proximity of Perth Airport to key tourism assets. We will promote the region to interstate and overseas tourists as well as local visitors.”

The strategy indicates retail is an important sector in Kalamunda and local retailers will need to be innovative and responsive to consumer demand. Shifts in consumer preferences and the emergence of online shopping will continue to impact traditional retail experiences.

Growers of fruits and vegetables, wine, cider and honey producers all have an opportunity to attract tourists through diversification and value-adding. There are also opportunities to develop export to the Asia region, where demand has increased for high quality products. Council is committed to supporting landowners in the rural areas with developing and implementing initiatives aimed at diversifying and improving the viability of agricultural activities.

There is an opportunity to develop locally based branding and coordinated marketing activities to increase the focus on locally grown and made products. In addition to this, another opportunity for growth is to develop and promote buy local programs.

For more information on the Economic Development Strategy contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999.


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