Adelaide Street Upgrade

Published on 1 February 2019

High Wycombe’s Adelaide Street will receive a facelift this March as works commence to upgrade existing and install additional traffic calming measures.

The existing traffic calming measures will be reconfigured along with installation of an additional slow point between Bowden Drive and Larwood Crescent intersections and median islands at the Stirling Crescent and Foxton Boulevard intersections. Line-marking and signage will also be carried out once all works have been completed.

Mayor John Giardina explained that when it comes to roads, the community’s safety is of utmost priority.

“This is a built-up area, with children, pedestrians and residents. Traffic calming measures will help mitigate the reckless driving and speeding often seen at this location.”

The City has committed $220,000 to the project, which will be implemented by April 2019.

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