Riding Safely in the Hills

Published on 9 August 2017

The City of Kalamunda reminds all mountain bikers riding throughout the hills to ride safely on shared use trails and be courteous of walkers and others enjoying the trails at all times.

Mayor Andrew Waddell said, “To ensure the safety of yourself and others, it is important to follow the guidelines of shared-trail usage so that everyone is able to ride and walk in a safe relaxed way.” 

“Mountain bikers are reminded to be particularly respectful of others when riding on the more popular tracks such as the Railway Heritage Trail where people also regularly walk.”

“Cycling provides multiple benefits for health and wellbeing and is an enjoyable form of transport, sport and leisure becoming more and more popular, and we urge all cyclists to play their part in creating bike-friendly communities,” he said.

On 15 July 2017, the Western Australian peak body for cycling, WestCycle, officially launched its series of Best Practice Guides for all cyclists to follow to improve riding etiquette. 

The series of Best Practice Guides do not outline road rules but communicate principles you won’t find in a rulebook and WestCycle hopes they are widely adopted within the cycling community. 

WestCycle CEO Matt Fulton said, “Creating a more harmonious riding environment is not only critical to rider safety but to increasing the number of people who choose to ride a bike. The benefits in doing so flow through to all West Australian’s through health care savings, the reduction of congestion and environmental advantages.”

“As riders we cannot directly control the attitudes, thoughts and behaviours of other road users, but we can control our own behaviour and etiquette and if we uphold the highest of standards this will in turn, over time, result in respect from others.”

The series includes Best Practice Guides for Riding Safely in a Group, Riding Safely on Your Own and Driving Safely with Bike Riders. 

To view the series of guides visit www.westcycle.org.au.

View here for more information on cycling trails in the City of Kalamunda or phone 9257 9999 or email enquiries@kalamunda.wa.gov.au.

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