The Women’s Powder Room Inc

Published on 25 August 2014

Womens Powder Room

Hello Ladies

This is a follow up to our meeting of Wednesday 20th.  What a great success  -   the evening was exciting and it was so nice to meet you all face to face.

The positive attitude that emanated throughout the evening was fantastic.  Well done everyone and well done Colleen for your initiative and commitment to the project of The Women’s Powder Room Inc.

It was agreed that the Group would next meet on Wednesday 3rd September, at 6.30 pm in the Shire Function Room.  The purpose of this meeting is to brainstorm ideas for the future, so get your thinking caps on and do your own personal brain storming between now and then and we can then work on the ideas forthcoming as a group.  Nicole O’Neill, the PR  Coordinator for the Shire has offered her services as a facilitator for the evening – she assured us she has past experience in this area and would love to be involved.

Just some of the issues that should perhaps be considered at that session are – committee of management; sub committees (PR/FUND RAISING, PROGRAMS); hours of opening and days – do we open in the mornings; or do we open say two mornings and one evening; and/or do we open on a weekend;  busy bee, manning roster when the facility is operating – and anything and everything else you can think of.

We look forward to meeting up with you again on the 3rd September.  Light refreshments will again be available. 

Kind regards
Noreen Townsend
Hon. Secretary.

PS – Bring you friends along if they are interested.

PS2 – The session may run for approximately 2 hours being a brain storming session there fore “some”food will be available.

See you there.

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