Holding an Event – What do I need to do?

Our Events Team provides FREE advice and guidance to the organisers of community and public events and they should always be your first point of contact.  If your event is major, new to the City or requires funding assistance, it is essential that you contact them as early as possible on 9257 9953 or events@kalamunda.wa.gov.au


If you are thinking about organising a public event, Helpful Hints for Event Organisers is the ideal starting point.  It will guide you through some of the things you need to think about - from planning, research and funding through to programming, managing and promoting your event – and should also help you make decisions that enable you to move on to the next stage.


Once you have decided to organise a community or public event (fêtes, fairs, sporting events, concerts, festivals, market stalls, fundraising events) you will need approval from the City’s Environmental Health Services.  

Community Event Applications are NOT required when events are provided for private members only.  These typically include private weddings, family events or birthday parties where the general public are not invited, and events that take place at home.  

Community Event Applications MAY be required when an event on private property requires compliance with Health and Noise Regulations, for any event which the City consider has an impact on the surrounding community (to enable an assessment to take place) and for private events if they involve use of premises outside the usual operations at that location.

Community Event Applications ARE required when free and ticketed events are open to members of the public, including groups and organisations.  These include events where compliance with legislation is required such as where temporary food stalls are involved, temporary electrical fittings are used, temporary public buildings and marquees are erected, temporary toilet facilities are required or where an event may exceed the assigned levels noted in the noise legislation.  


If you have an idea for a major new event that you would like to hold in the City of Kalamunda the first step is to put together an Event Proposal. This is a summary of what you are planning to do. Identifying this information early in the event-planning process ensures everyone has a broad understanding of your event prior to progressing to the more detailed planning and decision-making stage.

Once the Events Team has this information we will contact you to discuss it in more detail. Please note that you will still be required to complete an event application form prior to your event being granted the necessary approvals.
Submit a New Event Proposal



We recommend that you follow the step-by-step guide below.  Provide as much information as possible and be realistic about details such as anticipated visitor numbers - all of which will help us to provide accurate information in response.

Step 1  submit an Event Application Form.  If you require advice or assistance, our Events Team will help you through this process. Submit your application at least 10 weeks prior to your event, otherwise your application may not be approved. Events run for profit and commercial purposes will be subject to an application fee. Please contact the City of Kalamunda for current charges.

Step 2 the Events Team will consider the likely impact of your event on residents (noise, nuisance, alcohol consumption, number of patrons, safety) together with any other relevant factors, then will let you know if there are additional forms you need to submit.

Step 3 you will receive a letter informing you whether or not your event has been approved. Most events will have conditions attached to their approval and these will be clearly outlined in your letter.

Step 4 carry out any actions required for compliance.  It is your responsibility to adhere to the conditions and your event is not approved until all conditions are considered met.

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