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EMRC’s PerthTourism website has details on the cycle trails for all East Metro Region. Please follow the links below to see . 

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Read the Feedback Summary of our recent consultation with residents on the impacts of cycling in the Shire.
View summary report here

View Department of Transport Cycling Rules
View Road Safety Commission for Cyclists
View Westcycle website (WA's peak body for cycling)

2017 Scheduled Road Cycling Events in the Shire

  • Sunday 26 February - Kalamunda 100
  • Sunday 2 April - Dams Challenge
  • Sunday 21 May 2017 - Midland Cycling
  • Sunday 4 June - West Coast Masters
  • Sunday 9 July - West Coast Masters
  • Sunday 23 July - State Junior Cycling Championships (TBC)
  • Sunday 27 August - Midland Cycling
  • Sunday 24 September - West Coast Masters

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are there so many cyclists in the hills?
Because of our beautiful scenic and winding roads, with challenging hill climbs and proximity to the natural environment, riders love to explore the hills, extend their rides from the city streets and enjoy riding more safely on roads with less traffic. The Shire is also fast becoming a mecca for mountain trail bikes (mtb) with many dedicated trail rides, the mudda biddi track and other ‘off the beaten track’ experiences to enjoy.

2. Can cyclists ride two abreast on the roads?
Yes. State road rules say that bicycles can ride two abreast with up to 1.5m between riders. Failure to do so incurs a $50 fine. Riders must also remain at least 2m behind a vehicle. Failure to do so incurs a $100 fine. For more information visit
Cyclists can ride in a group at any time (but not more than two abreast).

3. When can a driver overtake a cyclist?
In WA a bicycle shares the same road rules as a motor vehicle.
When overtaking cyclists, it is recommended to do so at a distance of at least one metre. Failing to overtake a bicycle at a safe distance can incur a $400 fine and 2 demerit points. For more information visit

4. Does the Shire support cycling events?
Yes. The Shire of Kalamunda is a cycling friendly community and embraces cyclists who ride for the purposes of commuting, recreation and competition on our roads. We expect riders to know their rights and responsibilities for riding, and for cyclists and drivers to mutually respect each other. When an event is on the Shire imposes a number of conditions and traffic management obligations on race organisers.
Cyclists do not need Shire approval to train or ride recreationally in the area.

5. How many organised cycling events are held in the Shire?
The Shire of Kalamunda approves a maximum of 10 road cycling events per calendar year with most held between April and October. Each event must meet strict resident notification and traffic management conditions to gain approval.

6. When will impacted residents be notified about a cycling event?
Residents on surrounding streets where a cycling event is held, should receive a letter of notification in their letterbox from the event organiser at least 14 days prior to the date of the event. This standard has recently been increased from a 7 day notification period to 14 days. Please contact the Shire if you do not receive a notification letter about an event near you, on 9257 9999.
In most cases, roads are not closed, but marshalled for safe travel and access in and out of the area during the event.

7. What should I do if I have a concern about cyclist or driver behaviour?
Specific incidents of inappropriate road user behaviour that considered dangerous or overtly threatening should be reported to police as soon as possible. Please phone 131 444. In case of emergency call 000.

8. How can I find out more about Cycling in general?
WestCycle is the peak body for cycling in Western Australia.
Location and postal address: 105 Cambridge St, West Leederville WA 6007
Phone: (08) 6336 9688
Twitter @Westcycle

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