Channel 10 Tower Walk

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Suburb: Lesmurdie

Distance: 5km
Time: 1 hour
Grade: 2

Location: Pomeroy Road, Lesmurdie, about 200 metres west of the roundabout on Canning Road. Turn off Pomeroy Road opposite an old windmill.

Description: A pleasant, mostly shaded walk which includes part of the Korung National Park.

The Trail Markers are pink

Trail Notes:

Start point: A gravel car park approximately 200 metres off Pomeroy Road.
1. Cross through the barricade of rocks and head in the direction of the Channel 10 Tower, as indicated by the pink markers.
2. At a T- junction with a large gravel boulder, turn left.
3. At the corner of the fence which surrounds the Channel 10 Tower, continue 30 metres ahead and look for a pink sign directing you to the left.
4. Turn left at first bend in the fence as indicated by the pink marker.
5. Turn right at a pink marker after approximately 25 metres. Walk through groves of Casuarina, Banksia and Jarrah trees.
6. A track converges from the left at the corner of the fenced area. Continue straight ahead as indicated.
7. A fork in the track, take the right turn. At this point, Canning road can be seen 100 metres ahead.
8. Take the right fork in the track and head uphill on a narrow bush track.
9. At the crossroads, take the right turn.
10. A track comes in from left; Welshpool Road can be seen approximately 100 metres to the left. Proceed down hill and go straight through the crossroads at the bottom.
11. At the T junction, take the left turn.
12. Approach an electrified fence which surrounds the Channel 10 Tower; turn right and follow the fence line.
13. At the corner of the fence, strike out at 20 degrees to the fence through the disused gravel pit. From this point on the walk, many tracks branching off in various directions are confusing.
14. At the T-junction take the right fork, following the pink markers.
15. At the Y- junction, take the left fork.
16. Reach a crossroad, go straight through, skirt to the left of the clay pit.
17. Leave the clay pit and walk straight ahead.
18. At the T-junction, take the right fork. Pomeroy Road can be seen approximately 80m to the left with the clay pit on your right.
19. Make a left turn at the T-junction with the large boulder and walk back to the car park.
20. The completion of the walk.


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