Clubs 4 Life

Incorporates a range of initiatives & strategies to assist local clubs
Clubs 4 Life

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Our initiatives & strategies designed to engage, support & help develop local sport and recreation clubs

Upcoming Events & Courses

See the latest club conferences, events & courses to assist, recognise & develop club coaches, officials & members

Clubs 4 Life

How inclusive is your club?

Encourage positive contact & cooperation between people from a range of different backgrounds & abilities

Club Equipment Subsidy Scheme

Funding to sporting clubs for purchase of sporting equipment for training & competition.

Club Development Matters

Designed to provide clubs & community groups with tools they to assist them

Clubs 4 Life


Everyone knows how hard it can be to fundraise each year or at least to try some different ideas.

Clubs 4 Life


Attracting and Retaining your club members

Bigger Picture Sport

Help advocate that sport is not a luxury!

Working with Children

Working with Children

It is very important to ensure that your Club/Community Group is compliant in all areas

Play by the Rules logo

Play by the Rules

Making sport safe, fair and inclusive

Volunteers in Sport

Recognises the need to recruit and retain volunteers

Volunteer Recognition Gallery

We value each & every volunteer from our sporting & community clubs