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Stained Glass

The City of Kalamunda Art Collection 
The City of Kalamunda Collection contains approximately 200 artworks by artists from within the community and surrounding districts, dating from the early 1960’s.

The collection features significant names in Western Australian art, such as Cedric Baxter, John Boyd, Dan Mazotti and John Olsen. The collection is also the home of many donated artworks from local artists, talented amateurs and community groups. Most works in the collection celebrate aspects of life in the hills - our beautiful forest and the landscape, our rich local history – especially the logging and railway history, the orchards and agricultural industry, festivals and events, and the community.

Public Art

The Kalamunda Library houses the largest stained glass window in the Southern Hemisphere. This mammoth task was undertaken by the Kalamunda Stained Glassgroup in 1987 – 1988, and features the green-grey foliage and the dramatic hills landscape, which are distinctive features of the region. The window is best viewed at night when it is lit from within.
The Gum-nut fountains, created by Joan Walsh-Smith and Charles Smith of Smith Sculptors, are located at three roundabout intersections in Kalamunda, Forestfield and High Wycombe. Nic Compton’s iconic Horse and Whim, a large timber sculpture in the town square, was created in 1993, and is a well-loved central meeting point in town, as well as a reference to local logging history.
The Zig Zag Cultural Centre completed in September 2011, features the artworks of Matthew Harding and Malcom Harris. Their designs incorporate timber and local granite to reflect the timber town past of Kalamunda, as well as a reference to the stained glass window at Kalamunda Library. The installation takes the form of a pillar of recycled glass which casts a soft glow in the courtyard of the precinct. This is complemented by two timber screens created from recycled timber and glass representing the bush backdrop of Kalamunda.

Community Art

The “Adopt a Bus Shelter” program allows community groups to get together on a small-scale mural and combat graffiti at the same time.

Many Community Groups are actively involved in art projects with support from the City, and many examples of these are to be seen around town, including murals, mosaics and sculptures. The most recent community arts project, the Sustainability Mural, involved the children from Matthew Gibney Primary School, Forestfield Primary School, Gull Group and artist Paula Hart, in the form of a bright and cheerful mural which can be seen at the new Gull service station on Kalamunda Road, High Wycombe.
If you are a member of a community group and have some ideas for a project, or if you are interested in participating in a community art project; please contact the City on 9257 9999.  

Adopt-a-Bus-Shelter Painting Program
Schools and local non-profit community groups across the City are encouraged to adopt a bus shelter and to create artwork on the shelter.  This is an opportunity for groups to identify themselves in the community through the artwork on the shelters.

To find out more information click here


Open Studios


Every Spring, a number of local artists open up their studios to the public, and inviting visitors into their world to view and discuss artworks. Many works are available for purchase on this day.  View 2015 Event details here.

Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) Program at Kalamunda Senior High School 

The (GATE) Visual Art program offered at Kalamunda Senior High School provides opportunities for students showing creative talent from years 8-12. GATE students engage in extra-curricular visual arts activities during a diverse range of studio workshops facilitated by art specialists. The GATE program also provides an academic curriculum leading to a wide array of choices for tertiary studies in the visual arts. Pre-selection tests and interviews are conducted by GATE (Dept of Education and Training) and further information is available at:  


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