Call for Nominations: Visual Identity Steering Committee

Published on 3 December 2018
Category: Public Notice

The City is currently seeking nominations to fill four positions on the Visual Identity (Branding) Steering Committee. Nominations are open to all ratepayers of the City of Kalamunda.

The purpose of the Visual Identity (Branding) Steering Committee is to advise and make recommendations to Council on the Visual Identity (Branding) of the City of Kalamunda.

In addition to these four positions, the committee will consist of four councillors, one from each ward, and two representatives from the Kalamunda Arts Advisory Committee.

To consider and advise Council about initiatives:

  • To develop and promote the City of Kalamunda
  • To ensure any City development and activities considers the City of Kalamunda Brand.
  • To monitor trends, issues and developments occurring at the local, state and national levels.
  • To ensure the visual identity of the City of Kalamunda is aligned with the vision of the City and the associated brand sentiment.
  • To undertake research and analysis to ensure the City is at the forefront of any opportunities that may emerge.

View Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda (25 September 2018)(External link) [Section 10.4.6 - page 78]
View Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes (25 September 2018)(External link) [Section 10.4.6 - page 81]

Nominations close 14 December 2018.

[First published: 15 November 2018]

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